computational Designer

Computational Designers are designers who see form as a synthesis of information. They work with Design Futurists to execute a design strategy by creating software and algorithms that make materials and products. They bring computational and software expertise to design problems that are both digital and physical by creating a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem- solving operations especially by a computer and by computational design.

Ultimately, Computational Designers work with UX teams to produce meaningful, interactive experiences, and with Design Futurists who bring the products made by these systems into the market. Together they help companies produce the next generation of products and materials.

Design Futurists

A Design Futurist is fluent in next-generation production and fabrication processes as well as emerging material and methods for material formation and production.  

Design Futurists are scientists and social scientists who systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future of design, and how these possibilities emerge within the present. hey are alchemists who consider processes that are scalable and can be implemented in the near term. Material innovation is at the forefront of their thinking, as well as knowledge of processes that are long term research and technologies in laboratories.They are capable of making design decision hat are based on bridging the gap between near and far term processes and technologies. This futurist expertise informs how they decide on the look and user experience of an object, and how these products are brought into the market.  

As project leads and advocates for new design, Design Futurists manage the reach of a design process. They identify the cultural context for a design method or product and design the product or processes that respond to cultural shifts and technological evolution. hey bring expertise in material science and manufacturing processes and digital design to their projects.