Innovation for Design and Engineering

At the intersection of computation, materials and manufacturing.

Studio Bitonti is a design-focused innovation firm that utilizes a unique methodology to identify emerging trends in technology and culture...

Our approach identifies new technologies and potential affordances for both consumers and businesses to make design decisions for the products, software solutions and manufacturing technologies they produce today. The firm enables clients to deploy emerging technologies and create next-generation products and customer experiences that are simultaneously aesthetically beautiful and mindful of how the beauty and function of a process or object’s design lives in the present moment and—more importantly—remains relevant in a rapidly evolving cultural landscape fueled by changes in technology. 

Our products should create the next version of the human, not service humanity after it has evolved
— Francis Bitonti, founder of Studio Bitonti

Studio Bitonti uses computer-controlled manufacturing processes to create new materials and products. Because we believe that the next generation of material innovation will be both digital and physical, we give our clients design and manufacturing processes that integrate innovative technology into new and existing products, constantly operating between software and hardware. 

Founded in 2012 as Francis Bitonti Studio, the firm has always believed that technology both designs and dictates the direction of culture and human capabilities. Technological trends and strategic development of technology have always been at the center of our design process. We ask our clients to take an aggressive stance towards emerging technology to cultivate new consumer behaviors that create novel brand relationships. Through this approach, we help you create products that create new cultural behaviors. As our client, we ask that you look beyond current markets and be prepared to position yourself and your product services within possible futures. 

Today, Studio Bitonti is a team of Design Futurists and Computational Designers who work together under the direction of founder, Francis Bitonti, to enable its clients to produce the kinds of products that the studio originally earned its name creating. Studio Bitonti collaborates with its clients to create innovative products and technological solutions by designing innovative software tools, manufacturing processes, and products. This relationship dynamic enables clients to draw on the studio’s knowledge of design practice and expertise in the future of technology.