Custom Software Solutions

Custom software solutions are either externally or internally facing applications that help a team achieve a particular objective. These solutions can/may could be web-based implementations that create virtual product experiences, and may include novel user experiences and software solutions that enable a company’s design team or its customers to customize a product by manipulating its form or material properties. Solutions are often focused on include tool manipulation and Geometry Generation often focused towards product customization or achieving fabrication objectives

Product Development
and Design

values the design of the product as much as the narrative surrounding it. It considers product design in relationship to branding and marketing objectives and how work together to a new product into the world. Product Development and Design include both stylistic and functional decisions about a product and getting that product ready for manufacture

Research and Development

Includes material development, new processes and 3D printing-oriented research. R&D leverages additive manufacturing capabilities, new software materials and process engineering for scalable 3D printing and innovative material and manufacturing processes. Through research and development we enable companies to internally develop key technologies enabeling them to actualize an imagined future.